Our Fellows

We’re very proud of the diversity of our fellows, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our communities. Find out more about some of our team members below.

Isaiah is a young activist who is seeking to redefine what it means to be a leader in a new age. After going through the education system and collaborating with many community members; he now feels that he can now take lead to change in the system.

Emma is a rising senior at Denver Montessori Senior High School. With a passion for public policy, she participates in various Colorado organizations. She hopes to continue her journey of education reform and Colorado policy with Future10X and contribute to making the world a better place with her fellow students.

Dirza will be starting her senior year at DSST: Cole this fall. Once she graduates college she hopes to follow her passions and get a career in Elementary ELA-S Teaching. Dirza loves to spend time with her family and likes to be recognized as a leader in her community.

Jazmin is a graduate of the Girls Athletic Leadership School. She just finished her first year at the University of Colorado-Denver. 

Jazmin has a passion for taking risks because experiences are what she learns the most from. She joined Future10X with the vision and drive to become a great leader in the community and an inspiring role model that expresses her motivations in order to make the future a secure place for future generations.

Mallory is a homeschooled student going into her Sophmore year of high school. She has a  passion for advocating for unheard voices inside of her community. Mallory loves to travel and learn every day.

After this summer, Melica will start her Senior year at Arapahoe High School. She has lived most of her life in Colorado and takes advantage of the beautiful scenery and outdoor possibilities to feed my adventurous cravings. Throughout her life, Melica has always been very passionate about the injustices of the world and has made an effort to create systems of change.

Adrian has been at East High School for the past four years. While there, he worked with Equity Angels to improve diversity in AP and upper-level classes and tutored countless students. Adrian is excited to continue his work through Future10X this summer!

Rosie is a Junior at John F. Kennedy High School. She loves to express herself through art, as well as through her traditional ways as a Seminole, Mvkoke, and Choctaw Native. Rosie wants to change the world using my uniqueness and creativity.

Joel is a senior at Strive Prep Rise. The reason he joined Future10X is to be able to give his input on how and why the education system is failing because he believes that every individual should have access to an education that is fair among students.

Joel enjoys learning and hearing others perspective on education in general and helping create a more meaningful outcome!

With us since our founding, Jadyn Nguyen is one of our veteran team members who aspires to create meaningful relationships through the power of storytelling with as many people as possible

Jadyn Nguyen was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and is currently finishing up his senior year at DSST: Green Valley Ranch.

Haley will be starting her Senior year at Strive Prep Rise.

Haley loves discussing and finding a solution to social justice issues and does this by increasing student voice in real-world issues.

She aspires to study film, creative writing, and political science in the future.

Xavier is from Pueblo Colorado and attends East High School. He works to encourage the voice of the youth leading the world tomorrow.

Xavier joined Future10X because he believes that youth have to be advocates for themselves if they want to see change especially in areas we encounter every day.

Tony is a dreamer, poet, and kid at heart. He is determined to become a neurosurgeon when he is older, and after that the president. He hopes to make the world a better place for the next generation. Tony hopes that by being in Future10x he can start the process needed to make an equitable education system that challenges and prepares students for life.

Blake is working with Future10x to make a difference in the school system. He hopes to create change in the lives of students suffering from mental illness since he's seen how detrimental it can be.

Zail is part of the founding class of 2020 from STRIVE Prep - RISE. Education can be one of the most life-changing and powerful resources to any person; that is if everyone gets equitable access to it. He believes that we must break the traditional mold of strict academics and shift towards currently relevant material to push students of all backgrounds, countries, and talents to be the change they wish to see in the Future(10x).

Lucero graduated from the Denver Center for International Studies and will be entering her sophomore year of college at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs where she will be pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. During her time at Future10X, Lucero wishes to learn about what she can do and encourage others to do to change the public education system.

Diaraye strives to work with marginalized communities to become empowered the same way she has.

Diaraye is part of F10X because she believes that everyone should have access to an education that nurtures their emotional, physical, and mental health without suppressing their identities.

Lizbeth is currently attending Regis University, and will be a second year student this fall. She is someone who is very passionate about making change - causing a positive impact - in the world, however small. Lizbeth wants to leave this world a better place once her time to leave has come.

Kobe joined Future10x for the students after him. What that means for him is that he wants to see a future where the new generations are able to do what they want to do in life.

Kobe is a rising senior at DSST Green Valley Ranch who values student voice and student power.

Mariam will be a Senior at Cherry Creek High School. She discovered the world of youth activism through the Colorado Youth Congress and has always believed in the power of education. She wishes to be a catalyst for social change. She always aspires to live by her mother’s 4 meaningful words “Be a good person.”

Priscila is an upcoming Senior at Strive-Prep RISE. She is a strong and firm believer in change and believes that youth have all the power to create it. Priscila aspires to be a future educator who aids future generations into their own path.

Program Managers

Mariel Reyes

Mariel currently attends the University of Colorado-Denver.

Mariel had a huge passion and seeks social justice for education and hopes to inspire generations to do the same.

Rachel Hiemstra

Rachel has been a teacher, marketing strategist, and part of  four tech
start-ups. She grew up D.C. and went to the west coast for college, and then
moved to Colorado. Rachel believes the U.S. education system is not meeting her kids’ needs and has ideas for how we
might change it.

Cameran Perdido

Cameran will be graduating from CU-Boulder in 2020 and works as a TFA campus ambassador. She is a future FilipinX educator that was born and raised in Austin, TX. In pursuit of educational equity, she is committed to nonprofit management,
youth-centered organizing, and dismantling the

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