Emotional Support

Schools need to establish structures that not only address existing mental health issues of students but also actively prevent them. This is necessary because students require an emotionally safe space in order to engage in genuine learning.

Thriving, Not Just Surviving
Cultivating Identity

Schools are not consistently providing students with the environments and resources they need to explore their identities and this impedes children’s ability to discover their power and navigate the world.

Who I am > Who I am Not
Preparing for Future & Student Choice 

School generally isn’t interested in allowing us to explore our interests, and education feels like something that happens to us rather than something we’re a part of. We want to prepare for the future by solving real-world problems

Guides, Not Gatekeepers
Defining Success

The current education system enforces a narrow definition of success skewed towards college readiness and economic motivations. However, this actually hinders meaningful learning in the classroom and perpetuates achievements gaps.

Curiosity Killed the Kid
Teaching the Whole Person

The purpose of education should not purely be to provide students with an academic or economic advantage, but rather to develop an empathetic human being willing to pursue growth and change. However, the current system does not approach teaching children through this lens and therefore produces people who are not aptly prepared to participate in the world.

An Excellent Education Is a Moral One