What We Do

The Challenge

We've constantly heard that our public schools are not meeting the needs of the students they serve.

Our education system is over 100 years old initiating with the “Factory Model." Today’s one-size-fits-all, content-centric education system was designed for an industrializing economy, which has been replaced over the past century by a different set of needs. Taking a look into today’s society, everything is evolving including banks, grocery stores, and automobiles, but this same development hasn’t been seen in our education system.

Why Future10x?

Future10X is taking a unique approach to system transformation that starts with a first-hand understanding of the needs of all stakeholders of a future system. We are working together to define what it means to have a great education.

Our Mission

Future10x exists to redesign the education system to be responsive, adaptive, and capable of enabling 10x outcomes

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Our Vision

We envision a world where students feel comfortable in the classroom and where they find school to be a place where they can express their true selves

Why Students?

Future10X is a student-led organization because we believe past and current strategies have not yet delivered the necessary results, even by their own measure of success. This is mainly because strategies and policymakers have largely left out the most important constituency of the education system: the students themselves.

These fellows are the catalysts for change. 

Our Values


Being able to work alongside diverse values, cultures, and minds allow us to recognize, understand, and respect our communities.Involvement and empowerment of human differences promotes respect and inclusion.


Being open-minded gives us the opportunity to view the world in different perspectives. It allows us to challenge or strenghthen the current beliefs we have and experience new ideas and thoughts. With an open mind, we can learn how to build new ideas and build on new experiences. 


The act of working collaboratively helps us achieve our goals. Teamwork allows us to project as many ideas to make them be heard.  


Recognizing that every student is unique and acknowledging strengths and weaknesses in every individual allow students to guide, teach, and be a leader in their own unique way. 


Every single student has a passion and acknowledging that allows us to work for what our beliefs are. Dreams and aspirations are hidden within passions and it can push us to fight for what we believe in. 

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